Need Swiss German Transcription/Subtitling Professionals

Need Swiss German Transcription/Subtitling Professionals

Posted: Oct 18, 2016 06:42
We're looking for Swiss German speakers who are able to use subtitling/captioning software to help us prepare subtitles for a Swiss German television program.

We have production scripts that have some timing information and the full script; however, it is in a format that is unusable with our captioning software, so we're looking for people who can take that script, clean it up and make it a perfect transcription, and then create a timed text file we can use in subtitling.

A great applicant will have excellent written skills in Swiss German as well as be able to output an SRT or similar caption file.

The perfect applicant would have all of these qualities, but also be able to translate the resulting script into English. If you are also an experienced Swiss German -> English translator, this would be the perfect assignment for you.

There are five 60 minute episodes available that need to be completed by 10/26 at the latest. The budget shown on this job post is for cleaning the transcript and timing the files. If you are also interested in translation, the payment will be higher.

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