German Translator needed for periodic translation and consultation

German Translator needed for periodic translation and consultation

Posted: Oct 18, 2016 05:34
Hello, we are doing a fair amount of business in German speaking countries and need a translator who is available from time to time via Trello and/or skype to do translations and consultations for our web properties.

Most of the time we will give you the task via Trello (a simple to use, free, web based team and project management platform if you are unfamiliar) and you can finish the task when it is most convenient for you. Other times we may have to talk via Skype if we need clarification on certain things. The translation could be as many as 2000 words, or as few as 8.

We also might need consultations about German culture and society and so that we can best tailor our offers to that culture, so therefore you will ideally currently live in Germany and be fairly up to date on German popular culture.

Pay will be hourly, and as there will be times when you can answer a quick question in less than a minute you'll be able to round up to 10 minutes or a  quarter hours pay for 1-2 minutes of work.

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