Simple English translation into professional Vietnamese.

Simple English translation into professional Vietnamese.

Posted: Oct 17, 2016 10:13
I am trying to get a business going, aimed at Vietnam's Tourism companies.

-> *** I only require a few sentences translated, and i don't trust online translating engines.***

Here is what i need translated:

Let us improve your website.
We specialize in English Grammar and Advertising Assistance.
We will craft your website towards English-speaking tourists by removing repeated or unnecessary information and refining sentences.
Clean. Concise. Professional.

**Below is a FREE sample of our work on YOUR WEBSITE.**



If you choose, your website will be enhanced by an American with a college degree in English.
NOTE: If you are interested in CORRECTING YOUR WHOLE WEBSITE, please contact us at:
or, 01222646957

Prices are reasonable.

Have a nice day.

And that's it. I will pay your hourly wage on a per task basis. If this translation proves to have results i will be happy to hire you again.

Sam Bowen

(Speed is appreciated)

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