Technical translation from German into French

Technical translation from German into French

Posted: Oct 14, 2016 03:44
We have a list with industrial machinery names in German and we need a translation into French. This list was already translated by a French translator but some of the translations are entirely wrong therefore you will need to correct this list and search for the right translation. In case you will see that different terms are used to talk about the same machine, we want you to provide also synonyms.

Technical skills and especially extensive research skills are necessary for this task since many of these terms cannot be found in any dictionary therefore you will have to research them online.

The list has around 500 words forming together around 300 machinery names, some of them being very similar or repeating.

As mentioned, this list was already translated once but not in the best way and this is because these terms are not easy to find and you will have to search for them very well, check the photos, make sure it's the same machine (sometimes you will find the terms online but translated in a wrong way so you will have to look for more examples!).

Please apply only if you are a native speaker of French and have an excellent knowledge of German.

Payment: 120$

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