EN - Italian : creative Translator/proofreader/editor (for baby-cradle website)

EN - Italian : creative Translator/proofreader/editor (for baby-cradle website)

Posted: Oct 14, 2016 03:47

We're a Dutch based designer and producer of hanging baby cradles. We are a very small company for 12 years but do try to sell our cradles worldwide. As we have just launched new websites (www.kindekeklein.com) we are looking for a translator that can proofread the website and write/translate creative, catchy, warm and at the same time 'serious' copy aimed at pregnant women.

To start a small job: we need an .xlsx doc to be translated. These are email notifications that our customers receive after buying a product.
Attached the document. Please make us a good offer and we'll see from there.

Next Job will be proofreading and editing of the complete website.

As we are on Shopify we sometimes export a translation file in English that can be opened with a free software program called Poedit (free software).
For smaller/individual translations you copy can be translated online in our Shopify-Langify app. Or just with .doc or .xlsx files

If you have affinity with young adults that are preparing for a new phase in their lives and are all into getting a child and you can get us great selling copy, you're the one!

Get in touch.

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