TPTRIP10: Technical Translation of Marine Satellite Communication System

TPTRIP10: Technical Translation of Marine Satellite Communication System

Posted: Oct 13, 2016 12:53
Our company requires the translation of a document regarding an onboard satellite communication system. We require a translator with a high level of technical translation experience, who also has sound knowledge of the maritime industry and technical terminology surrounding this field. The text is approximately 4,400 words which, as mentioned, contains a large amount of highly technical language from the field of internet and communication as well as from the maritime sector. Please see the below short extracts for an example of the language used.

The target language is Brazilian Portuguese. We require a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker to ensure a high level of grammatical accuracy.

The  antenna system features include:
• IP-enabled antenna control unit for easy set-up
• ArcLight spread spectrum modem
• Voice over IP (VoIP), Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities
• All in one streamlined below deck unit, just 2U high
• Compact, high-performance solution in an affordable yet rugged hardware package
• Improved crew access to Internet helps meet MLC-2006 requirements
Commercial customers require powerful integration capabilities for critical communication services to support operational requirements. The fully integrated server is installed with all V-IP series antenna systems onboard, and the hub is installed on land, either at a central location or locally. Crew can use their account on any vessel to which they are assigned.
Guaranteed “time to fix” is difficult to estimate due to vessel schedules. The company always aims for “first time fix” and therefore some assistance for debugging may be needed from the chief engineer or other technical competent person on board.

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