7.5K words / TRADOS / English to Portuguese Translation / Travel articles

7.5K words / TRADOS / English to Portuguese Translation / Travel articles

Posted: Oct 12, 2016 03:08 Expiration: Oct 26, 2016 01:00
This job is to undertake translation for basic tourist information for Spain. The English source files are in simple language without any complicated terms or grammar and would be a relatively easy job for a professional translator. This work is for translation of webpage content. We will provide you with a Trados 2015 SR2 project file with the source English HTML 5.0 files and the output file format would also need to be in HTML 5.0 files. The source files are encoded in UTF8 (unicode) character encoding. The Trados project file and output translation will also need to be in UTF8 unicode.

Earlier versions of Trados than 2015 have had issues with our source files therefore we are requesting candidates have Trados 2015 preferably with the latest service packs applied.

This initial project is for approximately 7,500 words (the precise word count will be provided when the job is awarded and we have prepared the Trados project file)

We are aiming to find a number of quality EN>PT translators that we can work with on a regular basis as we have a large amount of English >Portuguese translation to do after this job (approximately 600,000 words). This project would therefore also be a trial for the translators to be considered for our other project work.

Please ensure that when you respond to this job posting that the translation rates you quote will also be the rates that you will be prepared to offer us for our future translation jobs.

Please do not send us a quote if you intend only do this job or if you intend to raise your rates after being awarded this job. We are looking for long term translation partners.

We need this initial translation doing quickly so we ask that you consider applying only if you can do this job within 7 working days. If you have other translation jobs on that could delay our job please inform us when you reply.

Rates: Please remember to include your rates for partial matches as well as your base rate / word.

We have terms and conditions along with a non-disclosure agreement that govern this and future translation work which will be sent to the translator before the job begins.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.


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