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Posted: Oct 11, 2016 04:46
Dear experts,

as we're having a general quality check in our company, we're looking for someone who'd help us to evaluate the work of our native Croatian in-house employee. The task is simple: you get a sample of text (around 600 words) together with its German/English version (original) and you must grade it and comment on it based on our guidelines.

We want to know:
- if the grammar is correct
- if the vocabulary is correct
- if the punctuation is correct
- if the text sounds natural
- if the text depicts the meaning of the original source
- if the text reads easily
- if the structure of the text is fine
- if the style of the text fits our needs

We want you to:
- tell us your opinion about the aforementioned elements
- comment on any mistakes that you find (for example: "missing comma", "wrong grammatical form")
- let us know about your general impression

What we require:
- fast completion
- professionalism (native speaker with extensive experience in translation/proofreading)
- honesty

P.S. We're an online platform selling industrial machinery, so the text will include some machine names (but don't worry, it's nothing hardcore, the content to evaluate is rather semi-technical)

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