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I am looking for a German word equilibrist to translate and professionalize website.

Posted: Oct 06, 2016 11:36
My professional websites are about to be Innovated. The taxt will be available in English and i am looking for the best possible native German to translate the nglish website into German. You must enjoy truly getting the message across and b able to work directly on the web template to make it efficient. Have a look at www.lenegammelgaard.de to get an idea of the level and clients we need to attract. Some of the text will remain as it it is. Once this site is perfetced, i would like to invite you to work on a German intro/newsletter - for German speaker agents to spread the NEWS.
I truly enjoy working with people, who takes on new challenges and you must prefr to work uninteruted, as I am not a micro manager.

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