Tenancy Agreement From English to Chinese

Tenancy Agreement From English to Chinese

Posted: Oct 07, 2016 10:13
We are looking for some reliable free-lancer to finish the translation of a draft tenancy agreement from English to Chinese.  We could do the work ourselves but just that we are tied up by other tasks at this moment.

1) Chinese version in word and pdf format
2) Spot any possible English errors which affect your Chinese translation

Expectation of the free-lancer
1) There will be two times of checking done by our side, so please be patient
2) There will be at least one change of the draft during the project
3) Note GOOGLE translate please

Time allowed for the translation
1) 10  days from day of acceptance, since draft is already there
2) First check on 5th day
3) second check on 8th day
4) Deliverable on 10th day
5) minor amendment (<10% of the total pages) will be made between first and second check

One time project
Lump sum amount: USD80

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