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Translate a FOREX website from English to simplified Chinese (Experience in FOREX translation is a must)

Posted: Oct 04, 2016 12:05
Translate the excel from English to simplified Chinese
This is for a FOREX website.
FOREX translation experience is a MUST, all translations are proofread by experts.  
**** If you havent translated Forex material before please do not apply.****
Samples of previous work are welcome.
Experts translators accepted only.

The document contains 8,234 words  The translation should be written in the column next to the provided text. DO NOT overwrite the original sentence (column).   Please keep the cases exactly as the excel file. Please try to keep the "Buttons" tab word as short as possible and the SEO tab no more than 160 characters per row .  Also, keep the capitalization as it is.  

The text to be translated can be found here: www.kawase.com   If you need any clarifications regarding Trading related terms, contact me so I can further clear things up.

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