Multiple Choice Quiz Translation into German and Spanish

Multiple Choice Quiz Translation into German and Spanish

Posted: Oct 04, 2016 04:31
General Description

o We've launched a quiz website which is kicking-off beyond expectations. Currently we have begun to target different languages and are looking for resourceful individuals to take pre-created quizzes in English and translate them into Spanish and/or German.

o The following will need to be translated

 Quiz title

 Introduction text (usually 1-3 sentences)

 Promo caption (1 sentence)

 Headlines (3-4 sentences)

 Questions (30-35, 1 sentence)

 Description (30-35, 1-3 sentences)

 Answer options (3-4 per question, 3-5 words)

 Hint (30-35; 1-2 sentences)

o Documents generally run 1,200 words.

We are looking for a long term commitment to translate 1 quiz per week. In the event that you are able to speak both Spanish and German, this would effectively mean 2 per week, as we would like translation into both languages.

Our rates are $20 American for each translation. Each translation should run around 1,200 words in total.

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