Scan and Translate

Scan and Translate

Posted: Oct 04, 2016 11:47
Step 1.  Have two high-quality, English, black and while technical manuals (with photos and engineering drawings), vintage 1970, that need to be scanned and converted to searchable PDF.   One is 47 pages, back and front.  The other is 40 pages, back and front.  

Step 2.  Translate from English to Spanish, to PDF, searchable.  

Step 3.  Translate from English to Portuguese, to PDF, searchable.   

Due to the technical nature, translation accuracy is critical.   3rd party proofing is desirable, but we are flexible to other methods.  

Delivery is flexible, but desirable within 3 months.   

Physical manuals will be shipped to you with contract acceptance.    Please include return shipping in your quote.  

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