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Need help translating a short survey from English into Swahili

Posted: Oct 04, 2016 02:07
I am looking to translate a very short survey (below) from English into Swahili - the survey will be carried out in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

1. Which do you think is the single most significant problem facing your community? 1) Lack of jobs; 2) Crime; 3) Insecurity; 4) Corruption; 5) No Clinics; 6) No schools

2. If there was a problem in your community, who would you go to see first for help or advice? 1) Traditional Leaders; 2) Religious Leaders; 3) Local Government Officials

3. Are you currently displaced from your home due to violence? 1) Yes; 2) No

4. Do you think the security situation in your area is currently improving or deteriorating? 1) Improving; 2) Deteriorating

5) Where do you live? 1) Goma, 2) Butembo; 3) Beni; 4) Lubero; 5) Masisi; 6) Rutshuru; 7) Walikali; 8) elsewhere in North Kivu

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