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Translation and creation project - Translation from English into Montenegrin, Montenegrin native speaker

Posted: Oct 04, 2016 10:18
We have a long-term project (translation from English into Montenegrin and creation in the same time: for example: Creation of a celebrity profile -Chose any currently popular actor, actress, director or TV host from your country, research information and create a profile as described above, including a minimum of five trivia. For the celebrity you chose, indicate the name and the type (actor, actress, director or host), and name at least one movie or TV series the person is in.
Other example of creation is- Creation of a movie synopsis - Chose any current movie in the cinema, and create a movie plot synopsis. Please indicate the title of the movie, the Release Year, and one key cast actor.
So far, we have a document - 903 words which must be translated till Wenesday into Montenegrin and the creation part as well - 2 tasks.

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