English to French Translation of Webpages

English to French Translation of Webpages

Posted: Oct 02, 2016 03:24

We are looking for a professional and experienced native French speaking translator to translate our HTML webpages from English to French.

Website pages total count: 20,000 words.

- Provider must be Native French

- Content will be provided in plain English text ( HTML pages).

- HTML work is required (we provide the HTML pages in English and you bring them back in French while maintaining the EXACT design, layout and format).

- Knowledge in editing content in HTML files and working with HTML files is crucial.

- NO use of automated translators.

- Translation should be meaningful, and rephrase when needed.

- Inner links / Bold text should be in the same phrase of the translated text.

- Payment will be made for work that is 100% complete and correct.

I will own exclusive and complete copyrights to all completed website content once delivered and paid. You may not distribute or show the contents of the website in any way after delivery to me.

Once I pay for the website I will own ALL publishing rights.

Note: We have numerous projects to come and I will certainly consider hiring a professional translator that I'm pleased with on a regular basis for years to come.

Thank you.

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