Russian translations and customer support for Windows security software product

Russian translations and customer support for Windows security software product

Posted: Oct 02, 2016 09:08
International anti-malware software vendor Emsisoft is looking for a new freelance translator to convert English online content into Russian. Applicants will need a high level of English and be fluent (native level) in Russian. Translator will work in a variety of situations including marketing and blog content, website content, customer support and various projects within the software industry. This role will involve excellent time and deadline management.


* Translate, develop and implement a strong Russian product marketing.
* Create and maintain copy for website and print materials.
* Work closely with web admin, sales and marketing team.
* Prepare responses and tasks for customer support team.

Skills and qualifications:

* Native speaker Russian
* Fluent in English
* Translation experience, preferably within the software industry
* Ability to work with strict deadlines
* Excellent communication skills and able to work in a team
* Interest and knowledge of software and internet based topics
* Keen eye for details and language
* Solid Wordpress skills and HTML fundamentals

Emsisoft offers a reliable long term part-time freelance employment of 20-30h/week, working in an interesting field as part of a growing multi-cultural software company. You will have semi-flexible work hours. Your job will be completely location independent, assuming you have access to a reasonably fast and stable Internet connection.

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