Welcome to our family

Welcome to our family

Posted: Oct 01, 2016 12:44
Dear Professional Translators,

We are currently looking to expand our translators team (due to increasing translation request volumes).

Approved translators will be selected based on the rate offered and the requirement based on our need for addition of resources to language pairs. If approved, you will be informed soon. Work offered however will be prioritized to existing translators first and may start gradually.

We respect each one of you as masters in your field, but need to balance the fact that we supply to Translation Agencies and therefore need to place more emphasis on the rates we receive. Those not approved will also be sent projects as and when required.

An attached updated CV is always better. Filling up details below will be most helpful.

Kindly also include all the language pairs in detail

Source Language
Target Language
Translation/ Transcription
Output per day

Your reply is awaited.

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