Translate a very simple website

Translate a very simple website

Posted: Sep 30, 2016 06:55
Hey guys -

I need a professional native French speaking translator to make a business french version of our english website.

Due to problems in the past I will check with a friend who is a French speaker after the project is done to make sure google translate was not used and that the work is of good quality haha. If it is from a translation computer program or not good quality and accurate we prefer not to pay please understand. :) So only real native french speakers who can pay attention to detail please.

If you do a great job on this, we will hire you also as our french customer service representative.

Please make the translation in 2 columns on a word document or something side by side, so it is very organized and clear what french goes with what english.

Finally, remember to translate the checkout buttons and small things like that too.


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