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Translating children's books from English to Greek

Posted: Sep 30, 2016 01:32
We have seven children's books to be translated from English to Greek

The books are:
o Travelling Companions (1 605 words in English)
o Saved from the Flames (1 625 words in English)
o The Owl and the Shepherd Boy (1 620 words in English)
o The Best Summer Guest (2 387 words in English)
o The Fox's City (2 887 words in English)
o The Gnome's Garden (1 646 words in English)
o Christmas Switcheroo (2 966 words in English)

Total 14 736 words in English.

Travelling Companions attached for reference.


Wickwick is a Finnish publishing company. We specialize in publishing children’s picture books, novels and poems in several languages, including e.g. English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Swedish and Finnish.

Our books reflect a warm and tolerant view of life, which offers a peaceful background for enjoying stories, both for children and adults.

For other Wickwick books, see the author's website http://tuulapere.com or our website http://wickwick.fi

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