English to Finnish Translation for E-commerce store

English to Finnish Translation for E-commerce store

Posted: Sep 28, 2016 02:04
We're a well established online store based out of Denmark, and selling to 18 other countries.

We need a Finnish freelance translator who can also help us out with customer support. We need help with:

- Translating products and other various texts for the website and for marketing purposes.
- Phone/email customer support on weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

We usually have around 20-50 new products per week to translate (about 100 words per product). Sometimes we have a bunch of other things to translate as well for different projects.

You MUST have:

-EXCELLENT writing skills. We don't care for stiff, literal translations. We need you to write the product descriptions in well flowing, easy to read Finnish. We use a very laid back, down to earth language throughout our site, but everything needs to be grammatically correct.
-Attention to detail. If something doesn't make sense, we don't want you to just translate it anyway, but ask for feedback from us.
- Ninja computer skills and be a fairly fast typer.
- Be at least a little bit familiar with HTML.

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