Bahasa Indonesian to US English translation

Bahasa Indonesian to US English translation

Posted: Sep 28, 2016 07:27
We have 4 audio interviews that need to be translated from Bahasa Indonesian to English. Three of the interviews were recorded in Jambi (Ahmad, Ratna, Sofyan) and one interview was recorded in Mamuju (Harlis). It's about 90 minutes total. We need a separate document for each file. We have a Word document attached for you to use as a template. Also, we have some guidelines we have generated that we would like for you to use. Please send in a 1 minute sample of the interview with Ahmad by today 17:00 EST. The documents are due tomorrow, Thursday 17:00 EST. Thanks!

1. Use ellipses "..." to indicate pauses in the middle of sentences, and use dashes "--" when someone stutters or corrects themselves quickly or when they are interrupted.

2. Make sure anything that grammatically should be the end of a sentence is marked with a period.

3. Indicate all stutters with dashes between words: the -- the -- the

4. Change abbreviations or slang to formal word (even if the speaker clearly says it in a slang way). For example, 'cuz = because, sayin' = saying, gonna = going to.

5. Add brackets with the word "interruption" if there is a clear break in continuity like when someone says they need to fix a light or the mic, etc...: [interruption]

6. If you're unsure of the spelling, make sure to change font color to red for the words that are unclear so that the reader knows that transcriber is uncertain of spelling.

7. Similarly, if transcriber is uncertain of what is being said in the sentence, they can give it their best shot, but make sure to change font color to red for the words that are unclear so that the reader knows that the transcriber was unsure.

8. While the general idea is to create a new row with a new time code every 20 seconds or so, it's more important that the division between rows is determined by the end of a sentence, since we don't want to break up sentences.

9. Since the turnaround is really quick, the transcription is not as important. If you're only able to do the translation that is fine. The transcription column is there if it helps you in order to translate.

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