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Proofreading of Italian texts for an Adult Dating website

Posted: Sep 27, 2016 11:27
I need several Native Italian speakers to proofread and correct/adapt the texts we already have for our website. Some lines might have spelling mistakes or not be very natural in Italian and some might not need any correction-we need someone who can take care of it in all these cases.

The total count for the project is around 500k words split into smaller batches (around 50k but we're flexible).
Deadline is Tuesday 4th October.
We pay 0.009 usd per source italian word, no matter if the text needs to be corrected or not.
We will double check the texts with Italian speakers in our team so please apply only if you're sure you can offer the best result.
What matters is that the text is correct and sounds natural in italian.
Human proofreading only please.

The price in the job post is for 50k words(0.009 per word)

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