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(REPOST) Need help finding native speakers of indigenous languages: Murui Huitoto/Witoto and Shipibo

Posted: Sep 28, 2016 03:39
Note: This job was cancelled by mistake so I am reposting.

I need your help to get in contact with native speakers of Murui Huitoto/Witoto/Uitoto, and Shipibo/Conibo languages, who are capable of making audio recordings of their language. The first part of this job is for your help finding those individuals; the second part will be for you to help me manage the project, as I hire them to do the following:

I want to have a native speaker record audio clips of words, using the list in a bilingual dictionary that I will provide. I am fascinated with these three languages, and I have a goal of helping to preserve them by recording correct pronunciation of words. If successful, the results of this work will be gifted back to the communities where the languages are spoken.

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