Need to translate a page from English to Japanese

Need to translate a page from English to Japanese

Posted: Sep 28, 2016 04:33
Need to translate something similar to following text. Please quote the price.

      Sensors to Insights in days with 40x compression of data
Do you need to move a lot of sensor data to your cloud analytics platform but due to cost of cellular/satellite communications you are being forced to make compromises? Do you want to get quick results from your sensor data without any programming?

Teevr’s customers in Mining, Transportation (Trains and Buses), Remote Monitoring, and Oil & Gas industries are able to transfer 40 times more data on the same infrastructure/cost in secure and easy manner. With built-in patented machine learning technology combined with intelligent techniques to optimize the bandwidth usage, Teevr's S2i products provides efficient and reliable mechanism to handle large amount of sensor/M2M data. Teevr also offers a plug and play system to built your machine learning and analytics apps without any programming.


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