Spanish/English cognate word examples

Spanish/English cognate word examples

Posted: Sep 26, 2016 02:52

I'm looking for someone to write some sentences demonstrating how a list of popular Spanish cognate words (153) are used. I will provide the list. I would like the sentences in Spanish and English.

For example

Abogado- lawyer, solicitor avocado- aguacate

Sólo responderé preguntas en presencia de mi abogado
I'll only answer questions with my lawyer present.

El aguacate es un árbol que puede llegar a medir de ocho a diez metros.
The avocado pear tree that can reach eight to ten metres.

I need sentences like the above for 153 words. I would like original creative sentences to illustrate the verb in different sentences.

I don't want plagiarized  work. Everything will be run through copyscape.

Please only native Spanish speakers using Castilian Spanish, no slang for this project please.

Can you give me an example for the following words for me to access your suitability when you apply;

la advertencia warning, advice el anuncio = advertisement

I will give you the list of cognate words to use for the sentences.

Any questions, please ask!

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