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Need Italian native speaker to translate from English. 1600 words.

Posted: Sep 23, 2016 11:51
I need native Italian speaker to help me translate from English to Italian phrases, titles and descriptions of mobile applications (Fitness & Health).

The source text (EN) of the project is:

1. MS Excel file contains near 200 rows with 600 simple words.
2. MS Word file contains 6 app descriptions. Total near 1000 words.

See it in the attachment.

Detail job description:

About Excel file:

1. Complete 'Translate' column from 'EN'. Column 'Description' is just for better understanding context of some words.
2. Translation of app title and description (first 18 rows) is most important part of the job. Translate it with creativity and applying most used keywords on the subject.
3. It's important to save Uppercase or lowercase letters at the beginning of the words as it is in original words (if it does not violate the rules of the language).
4. Only human translation without an automatic translator and online tools.

About Word file:

1. Enter your translations below the each of the six parts of the original text. One per page.
2. Bold in your translation words and keywords that have bold font type in the original text.
3. Choose most used words and phrases, different synonyms on the current subject (as in the original text) to make sure that people searching the app can find it easily.
4. Only human translation without an automatic translator and online tools.

For a good translator we have more same jobs in the future. To ensure you have read the above, please put the phrase "I am native Italian speaker" at the beginning of your cover letter.


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