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Interviewing 5 general population individuals speakers of Lebanese Arabic

Posted: Sep 23, 2016 01:47
Dear translators/linguists
My name is Mouad Khateb, I am an Arab from (occupied) Palestine. I run Oroba (http://oroba.me/) , sepcialising in linguistic validation of QOL / PRO questionnaires.
I have made 38 hires on Upwork.

This is my LinkedIn profile

And this is my CV :

I need a translator (background in linguistics is a plus) who is based in Lebanon to conduct interviews with 5 individuals , 4 healthy persons and one preferably with a history of depression (has or have had depression sometime in the past). Those subjects can be any Lebanese citizens you know, including your own family members.
In simple terms, the aim of the interviews is to ensure that a questionnaire we are preparing is clear enough and understandable.
Each interview will take about 1.5 - 2 hours, full explanation on how to conduct the interviews will be provided.

I am offering $600 flat rate for this job.
Since this is quite urgent, please send your mobile number when you propose, so that I can call you and discuss the work with you, then I will choose the best candidate.

Thank you !

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