English-Italian translation and proofreading for Adult Dating site

English-Italian translation and proofreading for Adult Dating site

Posted: Sep 23, 2016 02:39
I need a very serious person, native Italian speaker and open-minded (comfortable with 18+ terms) to help with the Italian texts on an Adult Dating site. Needless to say we need someone with excellent English skills.

-the English source text is 2231 words
-the Italian translation is 1936 words
-the Italian text definitely needs corrections so in the price is included everything: proofreading+correction+creation if needed
-by creation i mean that we don't need translations 1:1..in the English text we have many expressions that must NOT be translated into italian but adapted..here we need your imagination
-in the text are also included common mistakes and typos made by people so this has to be adapted in italian as well..so everything looks REAL, exactly like an Italian would write
-translations/proofreadings will be made in an excel file

In conclusion, you need to pay attention to each and every single line and make sure it looks exactly like any italian would write. Any software is out of the question.

We will check the translation with a native italian in our team. If everything is okay we have more than 100.000 words to work on and we can discuss after for the rest of the project.

Before hiring you i will send you a few lines to see what's your style and to see if it's suitable for us. After we start the contract we will be in touch on upwork and skype and i will be available for any question.

Although for this one job we will take only one person, we are seeking to get more (2-3) for the rest of the project.

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