Need Hausa to English Translator & Transcriber

Need Hausa to English Translator & Transcriber

Posted: Sep 22, 2016 11:58
I recently conducted a few audio interviews with a subject that spoke Hausa in southern Niger. I'd like to have her interview transcribed and translated into English.

The interviews take place over several audio .wav files. During the interview itself, I worked with two translators: one who translated my English to French, and another who translated their French to Hausa, and asked the subject questions directly. Our questions and translations don't need to be transcribed or translated; only the subject and her friend's answers in Hausa need to be.

We were sitting with a group of her female friends who would sometimes answer questions as well in Hausa, and while the subject is the main speaker, I'd like her friends answers to be transcribed and translated as well.

The total time of the interviews is 2 hours and 56 minutes. This includes the in-person english-french-hausa translations, so the actual subject's answers will be less time.

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