German/English Translations (Long-Term Opportunity)

German/English Translations (Long-Term Opportunity)

Posted: Sep 23, 2016 07:03
RushTranslate is in a period of growth and we are looking to increase our team of freelance translators to satisfy client demand, ensure reasonable workloads and have backups available for all positions. Our certified translations are typically used for immigration, education, legal and medical purposes and 95% of the time we translate into English.

We are seeking a professional German translator to handle a steady volume of documents to be translated from German to English (and vice-versa).

This is a long term freelance position requiring 6-7 day/week availability and the capacity to translate jobs totaling 4,000 words per week to begin. We can provide you with a reliable and increasing workload, weekly payments and efficient processes, which allow you to maximize your profitability by spending less time on activities outside of performing translations such as finding jobs, tracking down payments and using confusing and inefficient systems.

Excellent communication, organizational and Microsoft Word skills are an absolute must in order to be successful in this job.  

We pay weekly on a per-word basis with premiums paid for expedited turnaround, when required. We have an easy to follow translation guidelines document to ensure consistency among all translators.

Apply today and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We have a quick and easy on-boarding process. You could be hired, trained on our system and working within 24 hours.

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