Audiovisual Translation/Proofreading ES>DE

Audiovisual Translation/Proofreading ES>DE

Posted: Sep 21, 2016 02:56
Dear German Translators:

This is Ana, Project Manager Assistant at ComTranslations.

ComTranslations.TV is one of the fastest growing Subtitling and Translation companies in the world, providing a comprehensive range of subtitling and translation solutions. A truly international company, with offices in the USA and Spain, ComTranslations provides professional services to corporate clients and private individuals worldwide.

We seek German Translators experienced in audiovisual translation, to translate from Spanish to German, that are interested in a long-term professional relationship.


1.50€ per minute of video for translation
1.00€ per minute of video for proofreading

Please let me know which subtitling software you use, and if you would be able to use Aegisub.

If you are interested, please, contact me and I'll explain you the recruitment process.

Best Regards


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