I need an EN->Italian translator for 150 short sentences.

I need an EN->Italian translator for 150 short sentences.

Posted: Sep 21, 2016 03:10
There are around 150 short sentences to translate. They are for a language learning project for students.

These are some examples:
Can you lend me your pen, please?
A decorator will design our kitchen next month
Where did you find that necklace?
Nobody helped her when she had the accident
The last time he saw his aunt was two years ago
"Don't give your son his mobile phone" My mother said to my father
How can I make him understand that I don't want to see him any more?
Parents predict chaos in schools unless the strike is called off.
Police are warning people to check for forged notes which are currently in circulation.
If you must be noisy could you go outside and play.
It's possible that they got the wrong idea and thought the party was next week.
It was a mistake not to write the telephone number down.
Apparently, they're planning on rerouting the traffic to reduce congestion.
Can you possibly get me the work as soon as possible.
A local firm redecorated our kitchen.

The Italian sentences should be grammatically as close to the English version as possible however should still sound natural. As if someone with an Italian mother tongue would say it.

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