Need Individuals to Conduct Surveys of Bangkok Area Doctors

Need Individuals to Conduct Surveys of Bangkok Area Doctors

Posted: Sep 20, 2016 05:34
To apply for this assignment, you must live in Thailand and be fluent in Thai.

We are seeking people to identify and call 30 individuals in central Bangkok to ask a series of questions. The target audience will be doctors from among a group of private hospitals in central Bangkok, who will discuss their experience working with private hospitals.

The survey consists of approximately 15 questions, including multiple choice questions, questions requiring simple answers (e.g., hospitals where they have worked, what is the respondent's specialty if any, etc.), and free-form questions asking personal opinions and further details relating to the survey topic. The survey questions, as well as the responses we seek, will be presented in Microsoft Excel format. Responses received, whether in Thai or in English, must be presented to us in English.

Total compensation will depend on the number of completed surveys: we will compensate $5.00 per completed survey (for a total of $150.00 for completing all 30). We are looking to have surveys completed on a timely basis, with intelligible transcriptions of responses. It is important that our surveyors also have a command of the English language, in order to accurately translate responses to English.

Please note, we may offer additional future assignments to successful candidates who produce timely and professional results. We look forward to working with you.

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