English to Persian E-commerce Website Translation: 1 Month Full Time

English to Persian E-commerce Website Translation: 1 Month Full Time

Posted: Sep 20, 2016 05:16
We are looking for someone to translate our websites to Persian. You can see our sites in English:

A lot of our content is highly technical, so apart from being a Persian native speaker, we require you to have outstanding English skills in order to be able to fully understand the source.

The workload will be 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Work will be communicated by e-mail and Skype, as much as possible we would like to manage this position together with our team of translators in our Beijing office who are working on other languages. Note that the position REQUIRES you to be online on Skype from 2PM to 6PM China time (please work out your local time zone by yourself). Usually this requirement is Monday to Friday, but as we are a Chinese company, we follow Chinese government calendar for working days, and in some occasions there might be shifted days, for example we work on Saturday and we are off Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, but this is not the norm. Through Skype you will be asked to provide short translations and will be notified of oncoming work.

Absolutely NO machine translation is allowed for any of the jobs you are given.

The translation task should take approximately one to two months. After the translation is finished and the sites are online, if we are satisfied with your work there will be the possibility of continuing to work for us from home indefinitely. For example, once the site is online, we will need a translator to keep the site updated, this is a part time position for 80 hours a month. We will also need a customer service representative, depending on the number of customers, this might be part time or full-time. We can discuss this later on, the point is that there will be possibility to go on with us if we are happy with the relationship (if you need proof of that, you can see our other job posts). Note that regardless of how long the translation takes there is a one month trial period, meaning that the first payment on oDesk will cover one month, and if we are satisfied with your work you can go on until the translation is finished, and possibly beyond that.

For the translation work before the site is launched we will pay 1100US$ per month, that's 1000 US$ per month net for you after oDesk fees. Payments will be released on the 15th of the next month, so for example for your work in June, you will receive your salary on the 15th of July (it could be one or two days late if the 15th falls on a weekend).

Please don't send a boilerplate proposal, we will discard those immediately. Have a look at our sites and let us know what you think. You can of course tell us about your experience, but please emphasize how it's relevant to this position.

Start your proposal with "I have read the job description fully and I understand and agree to the job conditions and payment", this will let us know that you have carefully read the whole job post. Also, with your proposal please attach the translated version of the English document that I am posting with the job, as well as your CV.

Good luck for your application!

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