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Korean Linguist Lead

Posted: Sep 15, 2016 04:36 Expiration: Oct 30, 2016 03:00
Job Description:
Language combination: English into Korean
Core role:
A candidate will act as a final approver of the translation quality. This includes 1) to assure the quality of deliverables, 2) to add and modify to instructive and referential documents in respect of linguistic quality, 3) to assess a linguist. He/she will be required to gain up-to-date industry knowledge that is relevant to projects and to distribute (share) with partners and freelance translators.
Regular activities;
* proofreading: checking of proofs before delivery
* review: examine a target text for its suitability for the agreed purpose and respect for the conventions of the domain to which it belongs and recommend corrective measures.
* revise: examine a translation for its suitability for the agreed purpose, compare the source and target texts, and recommend corrective measures.
* Terminology management: He/she will manage terminology that are related to a specific project or a client, and this includes a) extraction, b) finalization, c) confirmation by a client, and d) populate them to applicable stakeholders
* Generate instructive documents: He/she will generate documents which is necessary to maintain and sustain the quality
* Periodical conversation with stakeholders in a client: He/she may be required to attend or report to a client and its stakeholders to discuss linguistic issues
* Report to a PM and to the immediate supervisor: The periodical report to a PM and to a immediate supervisor is necessary. He/she might be requested to a report per event (instructed by a PM or the supervisor) basis.

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