EN>JA, optics, lenses, 40 000 words

EN>JA, optics, lenses, 40 000 words

Posted: Dec 07, 2017 10:41 Expiration: Dec 11, 2017 07:00
At EHLION we throw ourselves into our work with passion and dedication in the areas of specialist translation, language consulting and all areas of international communication in more than 40 languages and numerous language combinations around the globe.

We are currently looking for EN>JA translators for a big project about optical lenses. In total it is about 40 000 words of material (e.g. brochures) for optometrists. It is very technical, and needs to be translated with Across. If you don't work with Across yet, no worries, we will train you and pay for your license. We are there to assist you through the whole process, also during technical issues and we will make sure things run smoothly. Delivery date for the project is the beginning of January, which means we will create a team of translators.

We are looking for colleagues who know that the art of translation consists of taking up the content, considering it from every angle and then transposing it so naturally into their native language that you’d never know it was translated. Such colleagues are the super-professionals, who know that translating is more than opening up a dictionary and translating a text literally word for word. They are the passionate language lovers, the connoisseurs of language, whose profession is a calling. These are the colleagues we want to have at EHLION - we are an agency (an obnoxious word), but not a run-of-the-mill provider pushing a bunch of hot air. Rather, we are a language services provider with warm, empathetic people who are trained translators themselves and know a thing or two about what’s involved in the process; compassionate people who know and understand the daily challenges of their freelancing peers and endeavor to master these challenges together; people with a professional attitude who are also familiar with the demands of the industry and try to find both common ground and an optimal solution for both the client and freelancing colleagues. We always do our utmost to try to satisfy everyone, and we almost always succeed.

Please send us information about yourself. We don’t need a résumé detailing your house, your car and your boat - a potpourri of data in tabular form will suffice. What’s much more important are meaningful insights about yourself: who you are, what your skills and strengths are, what motivates you, why you want to join us, what you want to achieve professionally, and how we can enhance each other’s lives and work.

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