Subtitle Translation and Captioning: English > Japanese - Dotsub

Subtitle Translation and Captioning: English > Japanese - Dotsub

Posted: Nov 29, 2017 01:07 Expiration: Dec 31, 2017 08:00
Job description:
We are looking for Japanese <> English subtitle translators and captioners to join our team of professionals.

We offer a rate per runtime video minute.
The work would be done from home and it won't be necessary to download any software.

Required Skills:
-Native or native-like level of proficiency in English and Japanese, with a good command of both colloquial and written English and Japanese.
- Experience in translation or proofreading.
- Captioning/video translation experience is a plus.

Why become a captioner/translator at Dotsub?
-Work from home. There are no limitations as to the location.
-Everything is done online. You won't need to install any software - we will give you access to the tool.
-We have a wide variety of content available.
-Get started easily. All you need is a computer, broadband internet, and strong English skills.

Should you be interested in joining our team, please:
1. Register for a free account at our official site
2. Fill out this application form:

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