Bengali volunteer linguists needed for humanitarian crisis

Bengali volunteer linguists needed for humanitarian crisis

Posted: Sep 20, 2017 02:16 Expiration: Oct 30, 2017 03:00
Translators without Borders (TWB) is a non-profit organization that provides people with access to vital information in a language they understand. TWB’s mission is to increase access to critical knowledge using local languages, especially in the areas of health, human rights, and humanitarian response. We have a particular interest in supporting refugees as they flee places of danger. We make every effort to make sure they receive clear information in their mother tongue so that they understand their rights and can access vital services.

Given the very serious situation that faces the Rohingya people fleeing Myanmar we would like to support them by translating important information into their mother tongue. To do this we are looking for people from the Rohingya diaspora who might become part of a volunteer translation group. We are looking both for communities that can translate English to Bengali, and in particular for people whose dialect is compatible with Rohingya language. They could translate some information in writing, or by reading out-loud simple key messages so that they can be recorded and played for people who cannot read. The information for translation will come from the NGO's working to support the refugees, and might be on health, human rights,or access to services. There won't be any request to translate political texts.

If you would like to take a very practical step to support Rohingya refugees, please apply as a volunteer translator here: and we will get back to you within 1 working day.

We look forward to seeing you on the team.

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