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Dear Translators,

We are expanding our existing network of linguists and looking for reliable and experienced Korean-Indonesian Translators.

We would...
ProTranslating is currently seeking a Georgian translator that can assist us with an upcoming small project of about 1,000 words. The project will be processed...
Translation of technical documents (construction) from Hungarian to Polish


AS: Altgriechisch bzw. dem byzantinischen Griechisch/Mittelgriechisch
ZS: Deutsch

Thema: Geisteswissenschaften ("Humanities")

I have written an article in English (3 pages). Want to translate to Tamil
Hello everyone,
Hello everyone,
I need a high quality translation of this website from English to Polish:
Нужно сделать качественный перевод описания мобильного приложения с английского...
translation from Persian to English
I need a translation. My name is shasheen

native french

Looking for a native French speaking freelancer to translate my website. Please take a look at my website [url removed, login to view] and I would be grateful...
I need a spanish native translator to translate simple sentences.
Amazon Freelance Post-editors / Translators - DE-NL/ DE-TR/ DE-PL/ DE-CZ/ EN-JP/ EN-CN/ DE-CN/ JP-CN/ EN-AR/ DE-IT/ ES-FR/ FR-ES/ IT-ES
We want someone that can proofread and rewrite our baby products instruction in english. So we need someone that speak and write english fluently as a...
We need a 30 page shareholder agreement translated from French to English.
I need a translation from German to English, 2 pages.
Нужно сделать качественный перевод описания мобильного приложения с английского...
I am looking for another transcriber to continue the work done by the previous transcriber. I had to transcribe CCMA proceedings that are 21 hours 28 minutes...

All Correct (our website: [HIDDEN] is looking for the translators for a potential project.

Language pair: English - European Portuguese (only...

SunRelax Ita > Ger

Translation of 351 words from Italian to German.
Hi, I have a video testimonial of a Chilean student studying English in Australia and she has a 3min 28 sec video explaining her experience there. She...

We have around 7000 German words for translation into English.

Please revert with cost.
We would like to translate the following sentence "If you need an interpreter or materials translated into your language, please ask your worker or...

Yiddish Translator

We would like to translate 2 voicemail messages left in Yiddish, into English. Either to have the translation written or recorded in English. We will...
Need help in translation my article from Russian to English.
Wir suchen eine Deutsch sprechende Person (mit nachweisbaren Sprachausbildungen), die in sehr guter Qualität Texte von Deutsch in folgende Sprachen übersetzt...
Cca 250 words document needs to be translated into German
need native french translator to translate a short document about 767 words
Dear translators

We would like to request a quotation for Korean to Indonesian translation for game localization.

There are two projects involved...
Translate 4 pages from russian to english
We have one hour of audio file to transcribe from German directly into English.
Бюро переводов «Трактат» требуется последовательный переводчик китайского языка...
We are looking for English into French and German freelance technical translators and reviewers with at least 3 years of experience.

Related fields...

Hire a Translator

I have simply 3 pages to be translated from English to German
We require additional resources for our client who has regular ongoing short translation projects. Ideally you will have some finance/business translation...
I need a quality English-to-French translation of a text, about 7500 words.
Write a White paper about the role of Vulnerability Management in achieving EU GDPR Compliance

We are a translation agency located in Mönchengladbach, Germany, and currently looking for a new freelance translator for a importent client...
We need to translate Latin words to English.
Dear translators,

SeproTec is currently expanding their database of FR>DE translators for Pharmacy projects, should you be interested in collaborating...
Szanitergyártó vállalat termékismertetőinek fordítására keresünk szakfordítót. A feladat ellátásához széleskörű műszaki ismeretek és...
8 pages of business/electronics emails. must be completed in 2-3 hours. quality doesn't have to be great.
Международной компании "Янус" требуются переводчики с немецкого на русский язык...
Traducendo Ltd is a LSP specialised in the wine and oenology domain.

To respond to the increased amount of work from one of our clients we are...
We are looking for translators for translation of 93 minutes of a game show on video.

We would need a translation of the spoken Bulgarian into English...


I want to translate from English into Russian


I need a translation. My son just lays the drums and would like sheet music transcribed to 2 songs.
need native japanese speaker to translate a user manual

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