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We need 5 pages (3 full and 2 half) translation from Arabic to English. Need within 12 hours in ms word docx with same format. thank you

Hiring Mana...
We are a dubbing studios company based in Paris, France.

We are looking to build a transcription and translation team with timecode for 480 episode ...
Hello I am looking for a native Swedish translator who can handle Danish-Swedish and English Swedish translation projects. (long term).

Looking forward...
Five attached files to be translated from English into Standard Italian. Formatting must be the same.
Five attached files to be translated from English into Greek. Formatting must be the same.
I have prepared an excel file for every word required to localize my app. I would like to know a quote to translate my app to the following languages,...


May 14, 2017
translate English to Arabic and vise versa
About 45 pages of interviews in the subject of musicology.

Might hire more than 1 freelancer to speed up the task, as it is urgent.

No specific expertise...
Hi, we are in need of English-Macedonian translators for projects in various domains. Experience with any CAT tool would be an advantage, but not a requirement...
Need hardworking translators to convert recipes from english to spanish.

Assignments are weekly from 10 to 20 hours.

Upwork fees are covered.

We have a requirement for translator to support our translation requirement about 200 pages from English to Esperanto.
I am looking for someone to translate a video tutorial that is in Portuguese to English.
we are looking for freelancer to help in website translation (5 pages+ home page)
from Frensh to italian

Web page translation

May 14, 2017
We are looking for Translator
from french to English
for 6 Simple Web Page
I have 2 pages in Bengali need to translate in English with same format in ms word. kindly check pages in attachment. Deadline is 3-4 hours please. thank...
I would to translate a two pages french website into english. The website is internet related, so you need to know terms like 'Responsive website'...
I need someone who can translate a software from Russian to English.
You will have to screenshot and write the English word on the images.

This is an...
Hi, we need a translation of the attached files on Monday by 09:00 Moscow time.
Hello, I have a short contract (around 3 pages) that needs to be translated into English. The word count is 1,200 words. It isn't very technical,...
Looking for a belgium local from the french area. Have a couple simple questions to make about belgium
I need to translate a M/M novel from english to french. The novel has 36,453 words average.

Before choosing the translator I would like to read a translation...
This is a personal 1 page letter that needs to be translated from English to German. I would like this work to be completed as soon as possible, preferably...


May 13, 2017
i need to translate my health tourism company website from english to bengali language the website is around 25000 worlds  .
need an expert translator...
Need to translate a Website (will send you a1050 words document) from Spanish to English.
I need to translate a M/M novel from english to spanish. The novel has 36,453 words average.

Before choosing the translator I would like to read a translation...
Translate from English to Spanish (preferably a native Spanish speaker) the landing page and keywords to Advertising campaign...

This job is translating a survey and discussion guide for a focus group we are running in France.

The Excel file is a survey export. For this...

We are looking for someone who has expertise in translating documents from the French language into the Arabic language.

There are 10 documents...

We are looking for someone who has expertise in translating documents from the English language into the French language.

There are 10 documents...
Transate a spanish text to englis is about 20.300 words.

The topic of text is esoteric themes, tarot and reading angels.

I send you a file word in spanish...

i need a translator

May 13, 2017
I need a translator for translate from Japanese to English
The article is in medical field, but the text is simple( no complex pathologies or medical words) , Full of graphs that does not have to be translated...
Hello i have a contract to translate in Greek (5 pages)
We are in the process of ending the English Finnish translation ( you will be the third translator actually) and we need to have the text proofread. The...

We need an experienced person to translate our web pages from French into Italian.
Here is the website:

I would need assistance in translating an IT company's web pages from Finnish to English. The full text is less than 2000 words (6-7 printed pages...
I have the attached document need to be translated from english to arabic and french
I have an English version for an on-line presentation with a lot of illustrations, and for a localization I am looking for a translation into Spanish.
Simple translation of a spa menu from vietnamese to korean
Hello, one of our clients will be in Shanghai the next 7 days to attend a medical conference, and we need an interpreter to join him ASAP.

This is urgent...
I need a  interpreter who will help me providing the correct bangle meaning/description of  
''To Autumn ''( poem...
Traduction d'un sous-titrage (script) de 1751 mots en Français vers l'anglais. Pour traducteur anglophone natif.
I am looking for Russian Translators who has an ability to translate Chemistry Text.
kind Regards
20 Pages English PDF convert to Sinhalese MS word File .
I need someone to translate 6 pages.
The first to pages should be translated not word by word, but to render the given article (deliver the idea)
Need to translate attached urgently.

Delivery time: 45 Mins (max)
Hi, we need a translation of the attached file by Monday (13/05) at 18:00 Moscow time.
We are looking for experienced translators for Portuguese<>English translation projects in the chemistry/food science field. For anyone who is interested...
We have 4 videos in Bahasa Indonesian, the total length is 79 minutes. We need English subtitling for these videos, directly translate the Bahasa videos...
We have a file that requires translation.
approx. 550 words in total.
Deadline - Sunday (May 14th) 12pm GMT

The payment for the project will be 38 USD


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