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Need to translate document from Arabic to English
I need the articles written by "Isabel Baneke" attached below translated from Dutch to English.

To support different languages and make the Photomath app available to students all over the world, we are looking for math teachers or students...

To support different languages and make the Photomath app available to students all over the world, we are looking for...
Hi there,

we are looking for a female translator who can translate 250 words from English to Spanish quickly but accurately and make them sound natural...

I need to translate content from my website from English to Tagalog. I am using logo translate on WordPress.

Serbian to English

Apr 16, 2017
Serbian to English and vice versa translation required.
Vaughan Systems busca traductores Chino/Español y Japonés/Español. Campo: Deportes. Simulador de ciclismo. Se valorará experiencia en ciclismo/deportes...
Dear all
I have 20 ~ 30 documents with total of 37,106 words that needs to be translated from English to Spanish.
The content are simple English and nothing...
We need someone to find silver sterling jewelry wholesalers/manufacturers in Shenzhen China. Those wholesalers must have some European designs.
Hello everyone,

we need to translate 4 english words into a matching chinese branding name in attention of good quality for marketing and sales. The...
I need a native German translator to translate a short email from English to German. It's a super quick and easy job that will take you no more than...
we need a full time foreign english teacher in Chongqing ,or Qingdao City in China.
1.Good oral english ,no dialect
2.english native lanauage...
We have a "work contract" of 700 words to be transtated fron French to Canadian English. This is a contract that stipulate the conditions that...
I need you to extract data from one business directory.

I will need you to extract 1,500+ records

Please enter all data into an Excel spreadsheet and...
There is this series called Karadayi on You Tube and I need the translation of Episode 82 to 115 in Season 3 of this Episode.

I am looking for experienced,  Czech translator. Translation must be well proofread and checked. Please quote for translation from Czech...

Translation Job

Apr 16, 2017
im looking for a fluent English Speaker to translate a small document into finnish with one or two word phrases and small sentences for one of my websites...
Hi, we have a website which needs to be translated.  Here is our English/Singapore site as an example:
The script and storyboard are for online lessons about driving.
I need someone to translate an article about mobile marketing.

Translation Job

Apr 16, 2017
im currently looking for a norwegian translator who is fluent in english to translate a fairly small sized document comprising of one or two length words...
Hello there!

I am looking for someone to translate a document from English to Mandarin Chinese.

The document is about 8 pages and has four sections...
Dear Translators,

We are looking for an English - Dutch translator who could translate about 3.300 words for us.

We have a few Excel files where column...
The book contains approx. 30.000 words (light technical subject - nothing too complicated) and I would need the translation done within 45 days. Hiring...
I Need to translate a 800 words (school website) from Arabic to English
I’m looking for a candidate with the following qualifications:
I need help translating an English 27-page pdf to Arabic
I need this done in 24 hours
I required Chinese - English Interpreter/Translator services in Guangzhou for few days for shopping.

Only experienced person should apply.

I have an alternative medicine website that is currently written in Dutch (Flemish) and it needs to be translated into English, German and French...
I need a person proficient in American dialect English who will work with my staff who is fluent in English but assist in giving them an American dialect...
Translate files to Arabic and Korean
Dear Translators,

We are looking for 4 proofreaders to proofread 19.230 words in total. Each proofreader will proofread about 4.800 words. The wordcount...

I am looking for a tutor for an hour every day to help me learn to speak Mandarin Chinese. I currently run a business that requires me to work...

I am looking for a translator who translated my listing from (german listing, it is a garment bag product) into English (UK) to make...
Dear Translators,

To manage a very big project we need many native translators :

French To English

To apply please respect those rule :

- Please attach...
Hi there,

The gig will be the following. You'll need to translate from english to german:

-2 Natural Supplement Product Listings

The product listings...
Dear Upworkers,

I need a translator that can translate from English,spanish,german, and french to Dutch.
And know how to work with Wordpress websites...
Nous sommes à la recherche d'un traducteur du français /arabe vers le berbère avec transcription en Tifinagh

Languages Native

Apr 15, 2017
Dear Translators,

To manage a very big project we need many native translators :

French , Spanish , Italian , Dutch , German , Portuguese , Arabic

I am looking for a translator who will correct our Amazon listing (FRENCH).

Here is the link:
We run Wordpress websites with WPML plugin. We have many websites each with around 50 products, each site and their products must be translated from English...
deux cent textes en français de 1000 mots chacun a traduire en anglais

I'm looking for a dedicated person that has great knowledge about WooCommerce and translations.

We have a small e-commerce website that...

I have a business document with 4000 words to be translated from English to Chinese. Please kindly quote the price and time needed.
Bonjour ,
J ai deux cent textes en français de 1000 mots chacun a traduire en anglais
Seriez vous interessée ?

Bonne journée
S ...
Hi there,

We need some people to help with Japanese adult video translations (Japanese to English). Our previous staff has left us, so we want to hire...
1200 Words

If this goes well, more work to follow.
Dear Ahmed,

Please find the attached Factsheet for Proofreading.

Thank you.
I have an English transcript with about 5800 words that I want to translate into simplified Chinese. The final document you will work on is likely going...
1200 words


This is just an introductory small job. More if it goes well.

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