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Chinese language translator job

In recent years, the freelance translator job has been becoming more popular. Now, at a time of political and economic rapprochement between Russia and China, many businessmen are establishing partner relations with their counterparts in the Middle Kingdom. For this purpose, a huge amount of documentation needs to be translated from the Chinese language. More and more professional translators are required who are capable of maintaining technical and other documentation, as well as non-professionals who master Chinese as a spoken language and are capable of translating simple texts and correspondence. Therefore, the remote Chinese translator job is becoming more and more demanded.

The Chinese language is considered as one of the most difficult languages. Therefore, the Chinese translator job presents certain difficulties with regard to translating some semantic nuances. The point is that the "Chinese puzzle" consists of hieroglyphs, which can mean a syllable, a subject, or a concept. In total there are 62,000 hieroglyphs, and you are supposed to know about 6,000 for a more or less decent translation.

In addition, there is another difficulty in translating from Chinese – only for the last 50 years have the hieroglyphs been arranged according to the European style. Before that time, the texts were written in the form of columns, in which the hieroglyphs were arranged from top to bottom. The Chinese of some areas did not accept the new hieroglyphics.

Remote Chinese translator job

With the increased flow of documents in the Chinese language, more professional translators were required. Therefore, the part-time Chinese translator job is in high demand today. It is notable that translation from Chinese is much more difficult than that from the English language. Each professional who knows the nuances of such job and with sufficient experience can earn good money. Today, the freelance Chinese translator job can be a perfect addition to base pay or become a primary source of income. The translator him- or herself determines the volume of translation work to do during a certain amount of time. Accordingly, the amount of pay depends exclusively on the translator.

When searching for a part-time Chinese translator job, you can approach a translation agency through the Internet. On the website of each of these translation offices is a list of vacancies from which you can select the most acceptable job for you:

These are most often written text translators.

Today, China has become a country of rapid economic development; therefore, translations of technical and automobile topics from Chinese, as well as those concerning other spheres of the economy, are often required.

Of course, it will require some effort to get a freelance Chinese translator job. After choosing one of the vacancies, you need to perform a test in the smartCAT software and send the completed test to the following address: If there is no suitable vacancy on the website of the translation agency, a more complete list can be found at, or just send an application for the vacancy to

For the job as a remote Chinese translator, you need to continuously improve your language skills and learn more about the technical and other nuances regarding different areas of the economy and politics of the Middle Kingdom.

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