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Japanese is one hardest languages in the world. This is why Japanese translators are in such demand in Russia. The number of people with good Japanese language skills is so low that there is hardly any competition in this segment. In addition, the fact that there are so few Japanese translators means that they can earn significantly more than people who know English, German or any other European language. Therefore, if you have good Japanese language skills, you are ready to become a translator.

Who should consider taking such an opportunity? Firstly, those who are looking for a new job. Secondly, you can work as a Japanese translator at home. This makes it perfect for anybody who, for whatever reason, is at home or can't get an office job. Japanese translation jobs are very popular with women on maternity leave as well as people who work and spend all their time traveling. There is another group of people who are interested in working outside working hours. For example, if you are looking to change your job, but haven't made up your mind yet or if you suddenly need some extra money.

What makes a good Japanese translator? It depends on what you want to do. We offer translations from Japanese to Russian and from Russian to Japanese. If this is what you want to do, you need excellent written translation skills, be able to work with certain types of texts and have internet access. If this sounds like you, great. All you need to do is choose the area you would like to work in. However, this is not a simple choice. A Japanese translator in Russia can work in a wide variety of areas. You can translate technical, medical or legal texts, manuals, contracts and agreements. There are huge opportunities for people who know Japanese.

So you've chosen your specialization. Now, you just need to choose which company you would like to work for as a Japanese translator. We invite you to join our team at smartCAT. We have been working with thousands of translators from across the globe for many years and have developed a system allowing anyone to work with us wherever they are. And, what is possibly more important, we always fulfill our obligations to our employees in full. You can see a full list of our jobs for Japanese translators and for other languages on this page:, and send your CV

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