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SmartCAT is a translator’s best friend:

Streamline your translation

Streamline your translation and editing productivity with free, unlimited access to the simplest translation interface you’ve ever used. All you need is an Internet connection, a computer, and your SmartCAT login information, no downloads required. It is that easy and convenient.

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Get jobs directly from clients around the world. Be your own boss – set your own rates and choose only the right clients for you. Work from the beach, bedroom or office on any computer without worrying about pesky installs. Create your profile and start getting new clients now!

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Join one of the biggest communities of translators in the world! Get work done faster in teams thanks to SmartCAT’s collaboration features. More than 70,000 translators from over 70 countries have already signed up. Get the latest news on translation, and grow your personal brand!

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  • license fees
  • complicated interfaces
  • difficulties finding new clients
Benefits of SmartCAT
Smart tools

All the most commonly used translation software functions are woven neatly into a single, user-friendly solution. Along with translation memories and dictionaries SmartCAT offers OCR to convert scans and images to editable text, custom glossary support, automatic quality checks, and the choice of your favorite machine translation engines.

Privacy and security

All of your assets as a translator, such as your translation memories, glossaries, and other details of projects you’re working on, will always remain yours and only yours. This type of data is secure in SmartCAT and is never made available to other users. Encryption methods also keep your documents secure during transit and in cloud storage. The system uses an HTTPS protocol and is only accessible to authorized users. You remain the sole owner of your resources, and only you can manage access to them.

Simultaneous work

Now you can work with top-shelf clients on larger projects. SmartCAT Editor offers seamless multiuser collaboration! Contribute to a growing team of professionals, get work done faster, and build a relationship with bigger clients for future collaborations.

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Show the world your professional background, and upload any certificates or qualifications you’ve earned. If you’re still just getting started, don’t worry. The moment you start translating projects in SmartCAT, the positive feedback you receive is displayed in your profile when clients are looking for translators. Isn’t it great when quality work can speak for itself?

Getting paid

Provide SmartCAT with your preferred payment information after the client has paid. SmartCAT can process payments via PayPal, bank transfers, and other local methods depending on the country.

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Get projects and payments all in one platform

To receive orders, sign up for SmartCAT and fill out your profile. Here you can specify your contact information, languages, services provided (translation, editing, proofreading and/or postediting), your rates per word, and other information. As soon as you provide this information, your profile will be visible to clients, and they will be able to invite you to their projects.
You set your own rates, so please choose which ones are best for you. Please take into account that once you have accepted a project in SmartCAT, you cannot bargain about your rate. If your rate is significantly higher than average, you simply won't be invited.
Any user signed up as a SmartCAT client can invite you to work on a project. These are usually companies that require translation services or language service providers. In SmartCAT, you work and communicate with your client directly. Please read the individual payment terms that each client specifies in their profile.
When a client chooses you for translation, editing, or proofreading, they will invite you to work on a project, and you will immediately receive an email at the address specified in your profile. Follow the link in your invitation to see the order volume and deadline, review the documents, or chat with the client. To claim the order for yourself, respond to the invitation right away.
In 5 business days after your customer pays for the project. Payment terms can be different depending on the user, and you can review them before the project starts.
Using SmartCAT is free. We take 10% of each transaction between you and your client to help keep the platform up and running. You can also purchase additional paid services, including machine translation packages and optical text recognition.
All documents, translation memories, glossaries and other content that you upload to SmartCAT is 100% confidential, and we do everything in our power to keep it protected. SmartCAT does not use any of it for purposes other than platform maintenance and support.
Your rating and your place in the search results depends on the number of translations you have completed in SmartCAT, how full your profile is, and reviews from your clients. Clients always have the option of rating the quality of your translation and other services (including communication skills and adherence to deadlines).

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What Users are saying

Testimonials SmartCAT

SmartCAT - new translation environment tool with some potential game-changing features

Testimonials SmartCAT Jeromobot June 19, at 4:05 PM
Testimonials SmartCAT

SmartCAT rocks. It seems to be a great tool for almost everything translation related

Testimonials SmartCAT Yulia June 28, at 12:38 AM
Testimonials SmartCAT

SmartCAT combines all the technology and tools for professional translation in a single cloud environment.

Testimonials SmartCAT Sergey Saveliev September 11, at 12:49 PM
Testimonials SmartCAT

Review of SmartCAT

Testimonials SmartCAT Jeromobot April 7, at 10:56 AM
Testimonials SmartCAT

SmartCAT is a fantastic translation tool. I am using it on daily basis and am very happy with it.

Testimonials SmartCAT Michaela December 22, at 8:23 AM
Testimonials SmartCAT

Se voce usa memorias de traducao, experimente o SmartCAT. Online e gratuito para free-lancers, ele e facil de usar e da o mesmo resultado que programas muito caros.

Testimonials SmartCAT Claudio Chagas December 22, at 7:56 AM
Testimonials SmartCAT

I used this tool above year and be cool with it. Program is constant in progress and getting better. I'm using it for freelance translation and can tell that this tool easy in use and have a lot of free helpful option. Machine translation is paid, but not expansive. Quality of this translation is not excellent, but, hey, where did you see great machine translation? It's just a help instrument, and it's more better Google translate(for example). I really recommend SmartCat. Just try!

Testimonials SmartCAT

Very easy in use and simplifies translation process, and that is more important, it is free. Thank you

Tamila Ismailova
Testimonials SmartCAT

I use SmartCAT from summer and am very content with it. It was easy to learn how to use it - there were webinars about it, too. So it was enough to participate one-two times. What I like else is the support. Every time I asked something I received clear explanations and quick answer. I did not use the CATs before but now I do it every time I have to translate a text. It's very comfortable.

Lioudmila Pirojenko
Testimonials SmartCAT

As a professional translator I have to rely on CAT tools to save time, and SmartCAT has performed awesomely in that regard. Being it a free (or almost free) tool one would not expect it to function positively, but that is not the case, it performs very well. I recommend.

Testimonials SmartCAT

Like this service! It's easy to learn, allows to work faster, both translator and editor (and also a proofreader) can work at the same time.

Testimonials SmartCAT

It's very useful. As a free tool, it can be a very good compensational one, that help achieving your project easily saving time and effort, with high accordance. the best thing here is the great team, that is always there for you, thank you for being so cooperative.

Madeha Ghagary
Testimonials SmartCAT

Great tool, free and plenty of functionality. I've started switching to SmartCAT about a year ago, and now I process 95% of my workflow through this tool. Start working on my home desktop, then continue on my office laptop, and finish off at my girlfriend's at night. Any issue? Write to the support team and get a reply as soon as possible. Manage translations, memories and glossaries. Include machine translation and document processing capability. I vouch!

Peppe Schiavone
Testimonials SmartCAT

I use this tool every day and I love it, it get's better with every update.

Petra Zrilic
Testimonials SmartCAT

SmartCat is extremly easy to use! It's enough to participate in a webinar organized by the SmartCat team to learn the way of its functionning. Moreover, its technical support is proactive and able to answer any question 24/7. SmartCat is the first TM I use, but I'm not going to change it for smth else. It helps me to spend less time and translate more than ever. And it is free for freelancers! I really like this tool and recomend it to everyone!

Testimonials SmartCAT

Easy-to-use online CAT tool which is super cool. I have been using this CAT tool for about half a year. I find this tool extremely helpful as it is almost free (you pay for recognition and machine translation & the price is very low), available online (no need to install anything on your PC or Mac), easy to learn even you are totally new to CAT tools and have never used any of them, support is adequately fast. I recommend using SmartCAT if you need an easy way to translate and you care about your costs.

Timur Tuleushev
Testimonials SmartCAT

Great tool! Have already recommended to my colleagues and will in future. The best option for a stubborn conservative who wants to try new technologies but is afraid of losing the skills of good old times when there wasn't any machine translating. Easy to learn tool, very nice interface (violet stars and space images make me happy every time I log in!), comparatively cheap and easy to access. I simply love it and do all my translations there. I can track my progress easily and the quality of machine translating is really good!

Evgeniya Maksarova
Testimonials SmartCAT

"SmartCAT is easy to use and undoubtedly speeds up the translation process. My favorite feature is the ability of the editor to edit the translated sections while the translator is still working on the rest of the document! I look forward to continue using this tool in the future"

William Buckingham
Testimonials SmartCAT

"I just had a test translation with smart cat and I am very delighted. It is very easy to use and translator friendly. I look forward to using for future translation projects."

Roberto Elong Kiye
Testimonials SmartCAT

"I've continued to use this service, and I find it more and more useful as I keep working with it on my translations. I see that a couple of things I highlighted on previous feedbacks have been implemented (like the option to join and divide segments).Thanks again for the platform."

Rodrigo A. Bustamante
Testimonials SmartCAT

"I wanted to say that I love SmartCAT a lot. I was one of the early adopters of your service and it's been a good choice. I actually prefer your web-based tool to desktop CAT tools at this point. Please keep up the great work. Also, please keep up the great work. I really appreciate it."

Thomas Poptshyk
Testimonials SmartCAT

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. I have been using your tool for a few weeks now and I'm happy for the convenience it brings."

Marko Ninic
Testimonials SmartCAT

I was using SmartCat for the first time and found it to have an intuitive interface. I went straight to work because the presentation of segments was obvious. I find that none of these systems (I have tried SmartCAT, MateCat, WordFast, MemoQ, OmegaT) have truly functional drag and drop editing. I always wish that an MS Word window was provided, since their drag does work and I miss it.

Daniel Stockdell
Testimonials SmartCAT

I love your software!!! :)

Sandra Ledesma
Testimonials SmartCAT

First off, I wanted to say that I love SmartCAT a lot. I was one of the early adopters of your service and it's been a good choice. I actually prefer your web-based tool to desktop CAT tools at this point. Please keep up the great work. Also, please keep up the great work. I really appreciate it.

Thomas Poptshyk
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