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Translations tools

All the most common translation productivity features in one user-friendly interface. Translation memories, dictionaries, and custom glossaries to ensure consistency, OCR to convert scans and images to editable text, automatic quality checks, and a rich choice of machine translation engines to use as a rough copy.

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Privacy and security

All your translation assets — project details, texts, translation memories, glossaries — will always remain yours and only yours. The data is securely stored in Smartcat and never made available to other users.

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  • Execute translation orders from Smartcat customers right on the platform
  • Don’t bother with receiving, uploading, or sending back documents
  • Discuss terms and get in-context clarifications without leaving the editor
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  • Get paid for any job, even if it wasn’t done in Smartcat
  • See your current balance and track all payments via a handy dashboard

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