All core smartCAT features are free for freelancers – and always will be.


Multifunction work environment for professional translators

All key translation automation instruments packed in a single solution. Apart from translation memory, smartCAT offers state-of-the-art machine translation, customer glossary support and automatic quality checks.


  • Translation memory

    smartCAT translation memory is designed to make your work take as little time as possible. The system determines whether the segment was translated earlier in the same context or not and finds matches in every segment regardless of word-forms in it. It increases the accuracy of search and makes it unnecessary to translate similar segments formulated differently.

  • Quality assurance

    With automatic quality assurance in smartCAT, you can set verification rules for each project, perform project-wide checks and generate a detailed error report. The system alerts you to terminology errors regardless of word form.

  • Terminology

    An integrated terminology module ensures the customer's requirements are followed in full and mistakes avoided. smartCAT offers a full range of terminology tools, flexible and adjustable glossary structure for a particular project.


To start your work, just open a browser!

smartCAT is a completely cloud-based solution. No more need to purchase, install and update special software. To start work, just log in from any computer browser.


Encryption and security

The confidentiality of the documents in process is guaranteed by protected cloud storage. The system uses the HTTPS protocol and is only available to authorized users.


User-friendly interface: no more learning and adjusting to the system

Translators used to working with bilingual files will appreciate the simple and convenient smartCAT interface right away. However, a beginner will also find no problems - all memory, glossary and machine translation functions you need are just a single hotkey away. The smartCAT team will be happy to assist you, should you encounter any problems.


100 pages of free machine translation (MT) and optical character recognition (OCR)

In addition to the core features, you also get 100 pages of free machine translation (MT) and optical character recognition (OCR). Need more pages? Simply buy a package from your account page.


  • Machine translation: for speed

    smartCAT offers several machine translation engines – choose the one best for you. The results are immediately visible as you translate. You can also use MT for pre-translation: MT inserts a draft translation of your segments, which you can then edit to perfection.
  • OCR: for translating PDFs and images

    Work with PDFs and scanned documents without leaving smartCAT. Now you do not need to spend time converting files into editable formats. Simply upload a scanned document and start translating!

Extensive format support

In smartCAT you can work with a long list of supported file formats, including:

  • Text documents: DOCX, DOC, TXT, RTF
  • PowerPoint presentations: PPTX, PPSX, PPT, PPS
  • Excel spreadsheets: XLSX, XLS
  • Scanned documents and images: PDF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, DJVU and more
  • HTML pages: HTML, HTM
  • OpenOffice files: ODP, ODS
  • Resource files: RESX
  • Bilingual files: TTX
  • Industry-standard formats: SDLXLIFF, XLF, XLIFF, TMX
  • Adobe FrameMaker documents: MIF (coming soon)
  • HTML pages: HTML, HTM (coming soon)
  • InDesign CS4 Markup: IDML (coming soon)
  • CS4 Markup: IDML

Coming soon to smartCAT

Project collaboration

smartCAT revolutionizes collaboration, opening new possibilities for increasing translation efficiency. Joint work on one document, accounting for the "contribution" of each participant, online communication and glossary updating make collaboration on a project really convenient.

Translation preview

Visualization of translated documents improves results and saves time. Your translation is shown as it will appear in the target document, complete with formatting and position. In smartCAT, previews are generated on the fly, so you do not need to export target versions or refer to source files.

Support for Adobe FrameMaker files: MIF


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