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Translation software

For people who deal professionally with translations, it is extremely important to process the text quickly and understand its contents correctly. The smartCAT translation software serves this purpose, integrating all functions necessary for a high-quality translation. This translation software includes an automatic check of the translation for quality, support of the necessary terminology and the translation memory technology. In addition, this translation software includes Lingvo dictionaries. At the same time, translations remain confidential, with access to the program provided only to authorized users.

Translation automation software

Today, automation of translation facilitates increase of the translation work productivity and quality. The modern CAT tool (computer-assisted translation tool, or machine-aided translation tools) cloud resources help make a high-quality translation, without the need to install any additional programs and utilities. In the smartCAT translation software the user can control all processes, assign several persons to work on the same text, and control the translation quality, with the clearly evident metrics being used for decision-making.

Translation tool

Translation tool smartCAT is extremely simple to use. You do not have to be a professional user to do this. It features a convenient interface with the necessary functions, which can be accessed simply by pressing one hotkey. This CAT tool is designed for the translator's work regardless of his/her actual location: either in the office or remotely from a different location. By using the resources available in the translation tool, such as the translation memory and the glossaries, the translator can process a greater volume of textual information, make a high-quality translation of the text, and earn much more than by using other translation programs.

Modern translations often contain confidential data. That is why this translation tool stores them in a protected cloud. For enhanced security, this translation software can be located in a private cloud or on a local area network. Additionally, the smartCAT translation tool enables work with scanned documents or with PDF files within the program itself. This translation automation tool allows for saving time without recourse to any additional resources needed to convert the file to an editable format. The scanned document can be loaded into the translation software and you can start translating right away.

Free cloud translation tool

And there are even more features to come. Apart from the basic features of the translation tool, the translator gets one hundred pages of machine translation (МТ) free of charge as well as several pages of image recognition (OCR). The missing volume of pages for the translation can be bought additionally at any time through your personal account. No other automated translation tool can provide similar advantages. This absolutely unique translation software, smartCAT, can be ideally integrated in corporate systems. It allows the translation of the material to be obtained directly from the corporate portal. The editor can use this translation tool to make revisions without waiting for the material to be "released." The translator program allows for work with files in a great variety of formats.

As you can see, the smartCAT translation tool integrates the functions of many programs. It allows you to avoid overloading the computer and facilitates the translation process. All you need to use it is just to create a login for the smartCAT translation system, after which you can start with translation of the text. Sign up and evaluate the capabilities of this translation tool!

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