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What to know when choosing translation software

Language translation technology is a relatively young and rapidly developing field. By choosing the right technologies, you can obtain higher-quality translations with less effort and expense, resulting in increased sales and lower overhead.

The choice of translation software is an important decision for both individual freelancers and translation companies (also referred to as language service providers, or LSPs). Practically every translation package has technologies suitable for accelerating the translation process in a wide range of real-world situations.

The most popular technologies today are dictionaries and glossaries. These can even be used for automated translation – delivered via machine translation – to ensure correct and individualized application of special terms. Combined with the growing use of translation memory (TM) technology, translation output can be personalized and fine-tuned to a degree never seen before. If text is repeated between documents, instead of a human re-translating the text again and again, the software automatically inserts the prior translation or automatically proposes a similar fragment.

This unique translation technology is associative in nature. From the translation interface, in a single window you can check the translation text for compliance with the style and other important aspects of your previous translations. This enables you to quickly identify key terms that have been previously used, thus making the translation process simpler and faster. If entire sentences match in context, the entire translation sentence is inserted as-is and you do not need to do anything.

Technologies used for software localization often allow translating all menu items right after compilation of the software. So when localizing an app, you can view the full translation context – instead of a context-free two-column list of words, you can visualize and verify the translations of the messages, interface names, and more.

Other technologies are useful when handling documents that have been scanned from paper copies. Translation software simplifies the process by displaying editable versions of these files directly in the translation interface. Translators can get to work right away without needing to re-create formatting. Since the same software can take care of all steps of the process, you save time and productivity soars. However, this option is not available in all software and some developers have not integrated optical character recognition (OCR) in their products.

have not integrated optical character recognition (OCR) in their products. One great plus for corporate users is integration of automated translation – translation can be integrated with existing corporate platforms, without any extra clicks or forms. By selecting a modern approach to translation, you can request document translations directly from your corporate system or from your company’s cloud, where important documents and texts are stored. Cloud integration is one of the most promising areas in language translation technology because of its potential for radically improving the experience for translation customers.

Automated translation

Many modern translation systems allow tracking translation progress in real time. Developers can include productivity metrics, which become available when automation is enabled. This revolutionary approach allows visualizing the gains in efficiency from using the latest translation software on your projects. To learn more about these and other automation features, visit our site at

Automated translation allows for more precise search for matches between segments in the translation memory and new texts to translate. Your personalized terms and dictionaries are used, and you can monitor quality in real time. This translation software is already mature and continues to become more and more convenient to use thanks to regular updates.

You have the opportunity to obtain a tool that will translate texts for you, generate dictionaries and glossaries that are clear and convenient, and help you to speed up translation. All these features are available both for freelancers and corporate clients.

Each client can choose which automation options are best for their specific situation. We give you a full set of translation technology options – pick and choose which ones are best for you. Simply sign up on our site and try out the modern, advanced smartCAT platform for translation automation today. To get the most out of translation software, pick the very best!

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