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CAT tools

To work with translations more quickly and efficiently, both freelancers and companies use CAT tools (computer aided translation tools) for organizing the translation process. These packages allow automating the translation process to a high degree, with a wide range of useful functions that are easy to use.

About CAT tools

A computer aided translation tool is based on state-of-the-art language technology for translators and companies requiring professional-quality translation output. The main task of CAT software is to reduce the time needed for translation, by using machine translation, inserting previously completed fragments of the translation from similar previous documents, automatically translating based on glossary entries, automatically verifying translation quality, and other sophisticated tools. With a CAT tool, you can check spelling and grammar, manage terms, use custom or industry-specific dictionaries, use termbases, generate indices, juxtapose the translation and source texts, manage projects and translation memories, and automate the most time-consuming parts of the translation process.

Using CAT software is as easy as can be. Translators have all the tools they need to automate the process, while maintaining the ability to make their own decisions and adjust the results as needed. This is one advantage of our free CAT solution.

Benefits of CAT software

A thorough description of the benefits of this CAT approach is available at Perhaps the foremost advantage of this solution is its comprehensiveness. A single product combines everything needed for the translation process: archiving and storage of your translations, quick analysis and context matching of text segments, quick automated translation, termbase and dictionary storage, and quality assurance (including spelling and grammar checks).

Taken together, these tools represent a significant leap forward in computer aided translation and output quality. In addition, quick and precise machine translation is available for obtaining texts instantly. This free CAT software helps translators to be more productive by automating as many routine and time-consuming tasks as possible.

Glossaries and dictionaries can be created by the user, fine-tuning translation to their needs. smartCAT also includes support for free dictionaries already created by ABBYY.

Spell check in CAT software allows pinpointing and eliminating errors in translations before they are delivered to the client.

CAT tools are intended for a wide array of users, from freelancers to large companies.

Technologies for computer aided translation are rapidly developing, with more and more automation options available. For example, machine translation is becoming more idiomatic and accurate thanks to Big Data technologies that can sort through massive corpora (sets of previously translated bilingual documents).

CAT tools allow getting the most out of limited translation resources. Built-in tools minimize room for error – dictionaries help to use the best terms, and all translations of phrases and sentences are saved for re-use in the future. All the information collected by smartCAT is used only for optimizing and simplifying the translation process for you. None of your information is sent to, or accessible by, third parties.

Get fresh updates and useful information

Keep up with the latest smartCAT developments on our blog, at Learn more about CAT technologies and how to make the most of them. We regularly publish useful articles and overviews on platform updates and features.

Improvements and updates are made in each new version. For translators who want to get up to speed, our articles and reviews give a thorough description of fixes and new features. The developers constantly monitor customer feedback and quickly act to fix bugs as they are identified. Mastering CAT tools requires awareness and knowledge of a rapidly changing field. Our blog makes the process much more painless.

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