Smartcat for companies

Whether you are a translation team in a large corporation or a one-person startup, Smartcat provides a simple, powerful, and free localization solution for you.

Smartcat combines translation automation technologies with communication capabilities to help you not only automate your workflow but also find the freelance specialists you need.

Chosen by hundreds of companies around the world

Smartcat is a great solution that provides the ability to translate even large texts into different languages within a short time with the required quality, and to save completed translations for later reuse. Support for custom templates and existing translations substantially reduces the time needed for document creation and allows improving quality. When you read a document translated with the help of Smartcat, the document may be so smooth and consistent that it reads like the work of one person, even though it is actually the result of team collaboration, carefully organized and assisted by Smartcat.

Darya Sedova,
Innovation stream manager, NetCracker

Achievable results:


cost saving


increase in turnaround speed


transparency and control

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